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Jean Berrios

Senior Stylist & Colorist

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Professional Experience

Color genius Jean Berrios, holds the title of Top Hair Colorist at Marion’s Hair Connections. Jean’s love for hair color lead her to Romar Beauty School and has since earned certification and additional training in Matrix Color and Corrective Coloring, razor cutting, and Martin Parson’s up-dos

Joining Marion’s Hair Connections team in 1994, Jean found her niche in the color aspect of hair care. The International Hair Color Exchange gave her the chance to master the art of foiling. Jean is drawn to bold colors and avant-garde design and is influenced by people like Patrick McIvor and Sam Villa.

Her passion for dramatic beauty and artistic creativity isn’t limited to her work in the salon. Sunflowers in her garden, inventive cooking, and of course the love of her family, including her beautiful granddaughter, keep limitless inspiration surrounding her at all times.